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Five good reason for VPN in 2022

VPN companies make a lot of promises, faster speeds online, total privacy, cheaper shopping online overseas, watch US Netflix worldwide. There is a lot of exaggerating going on but is there some truth behind it too.

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Schools, Teachers, Parents need to wise up to gaming and it's threats

The rise of gaming amongst kids during the COVID19 pandemic raises new concerns for primary school-aged kids online. Especially, in regards to, the addictive nature of the games and their overall online safety, toxic gaming atmosphere and vulnerability of DDoS attacks. 

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Are 123 movies and Lookmovie safe in 2021. Yes, if you do this!

Huge demand for free entertainment online means movie streaming sites can be very dangerous places. Criminals are bees to the money when it comes to free movies online. Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, you must never drop your cybersecurity guard. Find out if VPN can help!

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Here's 7 Reasons Why Gamers Need a Gaming-Friendly VPN

Seven reasons to consider using VPN when gaming for safety, cybersecurity. Prevent others spying on you when gaming, enjoy multiplayer games worldwide and avoid your ISP efforts to reduce service during peak hours

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China is going after the Kids. Here's how they are doing it.

China is building a dominant position worldwide in the gaming industry. Trump started a row with China over its gaming industry and TikTok's expansion slamming down the phone on China's President Xi. Of course, the Americans are more than a little jealous as they watch the torch passing to China. Aside from all the cybersecurity reasons.

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League of Legends popularity makes VPN a necessity.

League of Legends, the enthralling game of complexity which enjoys immense popularity with 115 monthly million users is so involving, all users should seriously consider a VPN protection.


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Why Gamers really really need a VPN?

Why gamers need VPN for speed, safety, faster ping times, less game lag. Avoid ISP bandwidth squeezing, beat games bans and access to pre-release games, freedome VPN, nord vpn

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Minecraft gamers need VPN protection

Minecraft is one of the world's most successful games enjoyed by children, adults, pro-level gamers alike. However, its success has caused lots of problems which can be helped by a good VPN.

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PUBG is addictive fun

VPN may not be enough to safeguard your account details. You don't need VPN to play PUGB but many recommend it.

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League of Legends Overview

VPN beats bandwidth squeezing by ISPs during peak hours when online traffic is at its highest. VPN keeps you in the game on course to win safely

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