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The truth about VPN and Netflix?

The truth about VPN and Netflix?

The simple answer to the Netflix VPN ban question is — no, they don’t and yes, they do. The free and cheaper VPN's don't work but the proper VPN tools do work. The two Netflix photos taken below were shot within ten seconds of each other. It was as simple as switch out of UK Netflix change country on VPN and log into US Netflix. The change took less than ten seconds.

US Netflix on Nord VPN


Caption – Switching to the US Netflix is easy on Nord VPN

Why does Netflix block VPNs anyway?

Users and viewers worldwide look at Netflix and every other streaming service to use geo-blocking technology as spoilsports. They’ve paid for a subscription, so it’s not like they’re stealing, is it?

When HBO, BBC or Showtime sell content to Netflix, They don't want Netflix showing their best content in their home markets, that's natural business sense. In the UK the BBC, once viewers enjoy ‘Killing Eve’ or ‘Line of duty’ under BBC iPlayer, not Netflix, but they want US viewers to be able to enjoy the shows on US Netflix.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy shows like ‘Chernobyl’ of ‘Line of Duty’ for Serbia, Luxembourg for Netflix.  Netflix has paid for the licence, legally they’re expected to protect the provider’s content. Those licenses are priced differently too. For countries with low subscriber numbers, a license is far cheaper to acquire than in the countries delivering their shows to much larger audiences.

With Netflix having different catalogues for each of the countries they operate in, their rights issues are all unique, country-to-country, and program-to-program.

The history of Netflix and its VPN blocks

When Netflix started up, they didn’t prevent VPN access at all, giving viewers worldwide access to their entire range of superb programming.

A few years ago Netflix started to actively search out VPN providers. Their ability to detect and block the VPNs alternative servers has improved significantly, More of a challenge. The bigger VPN providers have been able to outrun the Netflix blockers but the cheaper and free VPN's haven't a chance.


Caption – Switching to the UK Netflix is easy on Nord VPN


Caption – Less BBC iPlayer content on UK version for obvious reasons

We recommend Nord VPN

Nord VPN  offers complete access to Netflix and all the other services supported. Because they focus only on streaming services, they ensure 100% attention on providing unfettered access.

Netflix talked about banning VPN but didn't follow up

Netflix took a strong stance against the VPN service providers As they wanted to keep their content providers happy and generate maximum revenue for themselves. There was talk of legal action but that hasn't happened. 

Netflix, it seems, concluded that it was easier just to ignore the VPN providers and not draw attention to them. a decision that has worked very nicely for them since COVID-19.

Is it legal to bypass Netflix’s geo-blocking using a VPN?

This is what Netflix tell their viewers about their viewer rights. It's pretty clear but they don't specifically mention VPN,  which is great news.

“You may view a movie or TV show through the Netflix service primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such movie or TV show. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location. Netflix will use technologies to verify your geographic location.”

However, there isn’t anywhere that says it’s illegal. There are issues with copyright law, rights issues and more, of course, but as a consumer, signing up to a VPN to watch geo-blocked Netflix content, so far, doesn’t appear to break any laws.

Territorial licensing

When the distributor sells the rights to a program in a particular location, it’s called territorial licensing. Netflix has openly admitted that its goal would be for complete global licensing if that were in any way possible.

International access to content, without doubt, would raise their subscription numbers. Viewers in countries with smaller catalogues could then access everything they’re missing, and demand would grow for the Netflix service.

However, a global licence is much more complicated—and vastly more expensive to acquire.

How does Netflix spot the VPNs?

VPNs use servers with IP addresses that show the specific and required country for that country’s Netflix catalogue. If Netflix spots that the same IP address is being used to connect to their servers by a large number of users, It's unlikely to be a coincidence that so many people are using the same IP address, so that raises a red flag.

The big VPN providers can afford to buy replacement IPs as quick as Netflix can block them.

Cheap or Free VPNs can’t avoid Netflix geo-blockades?

Once-upon-a-time, they were great; yet now? Not so much.

Jumping to a server located in Chicago would give viewers in Canada, UK, Europe or anywhere else, easy-access a few years ago. However, now, only the leading services seem to have the easy and direct access viewers need.

The free VPN providers simply don’t cut it anymore making Nord VPN much more attractive now. No doubt Netflix will return to the issue of trying to block VPN providers in the future but for the moment it doesn't appear to be top of their agenda

So, how can you get around the Netflix blocks?

You could pay for one of the more successful VPN services. You won’t get taken to court or lose your Netflix account if you do, after all. It’s one option, but it’s not ideal. You can’t be sure when Netflix will find a way to block them too.

What you need is a system that utilizes several technologies to make sure they always have access to the Netflix servers. Nord VPN does just that, and because it works with your router, it does it without any of the usual drawbacks the VPN options come with. We’re ready and waiting to help; are you ready for simple and instant access to all the shows you’re currently missing out on?

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