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Best Options for VPN in UAE Dubai

Best Options for VPN in UAE Dubai

WhatsApp doesn't work in the middle east without VPN.

Best Options for VPN in UAE Dubai

For Calling home – Freedome VPN (buy button)

  • Ideal for WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype
  • Quick Installation, Easy Installation
  • Totally legal
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Is it Legal to Use a VPN in UAE?

There is confusion surrounding the laws in the UAE regarding the legality of using a VPN. The issue stems from a 2016 amendment to a federal law that forbids the use of a “false IP address or third party address … to commit a crime or prevent its discovery”

So a VPN is legal to

  • Use a VPN @ home
  • Watch US Netflix or BBC iPlayer
  • Call your family at home in India, Philipines,


VPNs allow users to adopt third party IP addresses, which led many to believe they were against the law.

It’s currently not illegal to run a VPN on your home or work devices in the UAE. This means you’re free to use them to surf the web, check e-mail, stream videos, and connect to private business networks. The important part of the amendment above is how the VPN is utilized. If you use a virtual private network to commit crimes, both businesses and individuals may be held accountable. What exactly constitutes a crime is up for some debate, but simply operating a VPN isn’t in itself a punishable offence. Buy Freedome VPN

VPN helps families stick together in UAE

WhatsApp Video calling is completely banned in the UAE. Along with UAE some other countries like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Bahrain also blocked WhatsApp Video Calling.

Still, a VPN is an ultimate option that can bypass the geo-restrictions and allows users to make video calls in UAE and other countries.

If you make some research, you may find some free VPN service providers who also claim to unblock the WhatsApp Video calling feature. But, these VPN providers are not genuine or trust, even they do not offer any Zero-Logging policy and doesn't offer the security of your personal information. Hence, I suggest not using these Free VPN providers.

Better, you only deal with some Genuine WhatsApp VPN Providers that can unblock WhatsApp and also offers other services like Zero-Log Policy, 256-bit Encryption, 100% privacy and anonymity, etc.

How to use VPN to unblock WhatsApp Video Calling?

  • Subscribe for a VPN Provider (Take 1 month, 6months or 1-year subscription)
  • Download the official Application of the VPN provider from PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (iPhone/iPad)
  • Open the VPN app and Login with the Correct credentials
  • Now, Select a USA or UK or any other Server Location and Press the Connect Button.
  • Once you press the button, your location will be Switched from UAE to USA (or selected location)
  • Here, you will be anonymous and your IP address will remain Hidden.
  • Now, Open WhatsApp
  • ​Try to call the person you wish and Enjoy the Safe, Fast and Secure WhatsApp Calling.

Is it legal to call home from Dubai using WhatsApp?

  • Yes, it is, we have supplied FreedomeVPN to 100s of people in Dubai
  • And we have checked

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