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Does Your iPhone Need a VPN?

Does iPhone need a VPN

Most experts agree that despite apples good record with security on iPhones and iPads that additional security such as iPhone VPN is an excellent idea. For example, people with VPN will not have fallen for the fake Bank text messages as the VPN will have warned them not to proceed. 

Reasons you will want to use VPN on an iPhone.

  1. You use public Wi-Fi
  2. Internet censorship in Russia, Saudi Arabia, China
  3. You’re worried about your data privacy
  4. Geolocation, you want to watch BBC iPlayer, US Netflix, Hulu.
  5. Geolocation, you love shopping and getting the best prices on international shopping sites
  6. You want to keep going tonight traffic private

How does VPN work on iPhone?

Once you have installed a VPN on your iPhone. The VPN connection will create a secure private connection to the Internet which even google your ISP, your employer will not be able to see and review your Internet traffic. Even though iPhone has a good reputation with its closed iOS operating system the VPN is an extra layer of security that acts as a fantastic Safety net between your device and the Internet.

Why do even want a VPN on your iPhone?

Easily the most popular use for iPhone VPN is for G all locations. In simple terms, you may be living in Spain and want to watch the BBC. When you log onto the BBC iPlayer you will be told that you are not in the UK and therefore cannot watch the BBC. However, your iPhone’s VPN will allow you to inform the Internet that you are actually in the UK and that you may watch the BBC. You may also want to watch the Premier League on Sky Sports in the United States, you'll need to pretend that you are in the UK to watch this.

Since March 2020 and the COVID19 lockdown, the BBC, US Netflix,, all European broadcasting stations and US broadcasters have become much more insistent on country content control. As a result, most of the cheaper or free VPNs no longer work properly. So be careful to choose a VPN that actually allows you to properly Geolocate.

However, it is good to know that your VPN for iPhone will be securing your online traffic, preventing ad tracking, keeping cybercriminals at bay.

Can I walk my dog and watch my favourite show.

Should answer yes we’ve got your back on this one. It’s all a VPN, switch it on, choose your country location turn on your favourite show. 

COVID19 warning.

It’s worth noting that since the outbreak of covert Internet traffic has skyrocketed, operations like BBC, US Netflix or much more aggressively defending themselves against VPN. Make sure you check out your preferred product thoroughly online before purchasing that’s why we only deal with F Secure who have been in business since 1988 and Nord VPN probably the best-known VPN operator in the world.

How to set up and configure a VPN connection on iPhone

Find your preferred VPN in the Apple Store. Once chosen, download and complete the installation on your iPhone.

  1. You need to sign up and create an account login and use your activation code to get your VPN going. 
  2. You’ll need to log in and agree to the terms and conditions. Some VPN providers might request you install 2FV known as two-factor verification as well as authenticating through fingerprint and passcode.

Generally speaking, set up an app on an iPad or an iPhone is straightforward.

NordVPN has one of the easiest to use VPN apps on the market

Nord VPN is one of the best options for the iPhone because of its easy to use VPN and excellent security features. Nord VPN is absolutely ‘best in class’, it is of great value, very well supported. We regularly test our preferred suppliers, we tweeted a supporter quest to 5 VPN providers on a Saturday afternoon recently, Nord VPN was the only company that responded. Nord VPN is constantly updated, Active service in over 60 countries and has successfully on blocked Hulu sky sports, US Netflix, BBC iPlayer every time we have asked, especially on iPhone & iPad.

Price from £2.50 month. 

Available on Windows, iOS, Android and Linux


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