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Call of Duty & Geo-restrictions

Call of Duty: Mobile is no different to the desktop version and has multiplayer mode. Join an existing squad or create your team with friends. Once you join a team or create one, you can start a match and fight with another team. You win if you complete your target first.

However, geo-restrictions might make teaming up with friends from different locations or countries difficult. Likewise, DDoS attacks are more prevalent and hackers target gamers, due to which most gamers play with fear of being attacked by hackers online. To beat this you must use a VPN. This is commonplace and the writer has been interviewed on radio several times about this.

New releases or test programmes may only be available in certain locations like Japan. VPN means you can access it first. Switch locations and play with friends from anywhere in the world. VPN will protect you from DDoS attacks and cyberattacks.

As always, we recommend Nord VPN for gamers beginners and pro level.

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