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Google, FB vs Internet Freedom

Hides your online activity from ISPs, Google, Facebook

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Internet Freedom Fighting back with VPN

  • Disguising your searches, 
  • Hiding your traffic 
  • Camouflaging your location 

VPNs reduce Internet tracking of your search engine traffic, disguise your online activities from your ISP, phone company, Google, Facebook and hundreds of others

One of the better known everyday examples of this is how Netflix controls the content you access based on your location. Camouflaging your location allows you to enjoy the Internet without being offered content based simply on your location. 

Data is the new Oil

Google is free because they found early on that knowing all about you is far more valuable to them than operating a subscription service

Keeps & protects your private details

Protect your private data from hackers or snoopy advertisers

  • ​Stop ISPs, Google, Facebook, Amazon from knowing more about you

ISPs, Google, Facebook, Amazon already know all about you and want to know more. VPN's can reduce your exposure to criminal activity. If you use a VPN criminals will find it much more difficult to access your phone, discover your email addresses, passwords, credit card details, and preferred your shopping sites and your login details. 

VPN service will also block you from using sites operated by organised cybercriminals or websites suspected of being operated by criminals.

View international content, Shop internationally

  • Online Retailers adjust prices based on Postcode, Country
  • It's called Dynamic pricing personally overpricing for you
  • Save the cost of VPN with cheaper shopping 

Websites have you figured out the minute you hit their page, through web cookies and your IP address. If you've searched the same flights, event tickets or car rental previously, raising the price (thoughtfully increasing the price) the second time they might panic you into buying immediately. If you're from a richer country or postcode, they might realise you're willing to pay a bit more. So we will save you the cost of the VPN on your first purchase.

Reduces tracking, fewer adverts, view geo-blocked content

  • Blocking Ads and Cookies
  • Let's stop tracking 

Loads of websites drop cookies into your browser cache – or insist you knock off your ad-blocking service or anti-tracking software, before using their website. Your information is so valuable they would rather you didn't stop by at all than forego the chance to cache your browser.

VPNs block ads by redirecting DNS requests to advertisers' servers. They usually use their DNS servers so it's easy for them to control internet traffic. VPN services block malicious adware, other internet poison and tracking cookies by using third-party lists. Read Report

Stops denial of service attacks. DDoS, DoS

  • Gamers (Fortnite, Roblox) knock out other players WiFi Router destroying their WiFii
  • DDoS or DoS (Denial of service) attacks

Gamers are competitive, some have a nasty streak, it is a real problem, IP addresses can be targeted and knocked out deliberately. A crime which ought to be reported to be Police. these attacks can be rented as a service for as little as $10/hour, they are known as DDoS or DoD (Denial of service)

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