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League of Legends popularity makes VPN a necessity.

League of Legends is perfect for VPN

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League of Legends popularity makes it a natural for VPN, Parental Control & Antivirus.  

League of Legends is so popular it needs VPN

The rise and rise of gaming for kids, tweens and the rest of us mean there is twice as many people playing online or on device-based games as before COVID19, the increasing level of skills among the gaming community makes it a good moment to remind ourselves of the dangers involved.

Kids who started playing games online on public servers to stay in touch with their mates over lockdown became expert pro-level gamers at the same time. Kids naturally preferred gaming to lessons, who wouldn't. Parents anxious to keep the peace, naturally, gave in.

Can You Play League of Legends with a VPN?

It’s a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game pitting two teams of five against one another. Players select a champion from a pool of more than 120, all with their own unique traits and abilities. As you get better at making kills and achieving objectives you're awarded more gold, allowing you to purchase new items and become more powerful.

Nord VPN the Protection every League of Legends player needs!

The #1 Strongest VPN for Gamers

League of legends is a frustrating and unforgiving game but can be very rewarding at the same time. It is an ever-changing game and that is one of the main reasons it remains at the top. Built by RIOT games, it is free to start playing, available on most devices, it was launched in 2009, nowadays there are 115 million active monthly gamers. 

Whether you need a VPN for League of Legends depends on few factors.

  • Is League of Legends being blocked? (at school for example)
  • Have you been attacked (DDoS Denial of Service)
  • You want to play with friends in a different location
  • Your ISP is throttling you.
  • You want to try and shave a few milliseconds off your ping

A VPN will avoid schools, colleges, factories blocking and prevention tools. The preventative firewall isn't to promote learning over excessive gaming, but demand management to keep costs down and provide enough power broadband for everyone on site

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We recommend Nord VPN for games especially League of Legends

Serious gamers will have both malware protection and a VPN service, to scan their devices, protect against ransomware, malware etc. They need safe search, protection from unsafe sites. There is a lot of fraud around gaming, especially fake currency sales sites. Gamers prefer to be safe, rather than wasting time double-checking everything. Fraudsters know this


Can You Play League of Legends with a VPN?

The process is simple, you will be able to use NordVPN whilst playing League of Legends

Does VPN Change Ping?

Yes, a VPN can affect your ping. Based on the VPN provider, it can either go up or down. Select a VPN provider with a reputation for performance. 

Where Are League of Legends Located?

The LoL EUW servers are in Amsterdam, Netherlands. If you want to access them outside of the European area and going around geo-blocks, use a reliable VPN.

Why Do Gamers Use VPN?

A good VPN improves your gaming experience, which is why most gamers use one. VPNs reduce security risks, protect against DDoS attacks, decrease ping time, and unlock geo-restricted gaming servers.

Do any of these issues apply to you?

Is your ISP throttling you?

  • Videos are buffer or streaming in low resolution
  • Excessive lag while gaming
  • Slow file downloads

Nord VPN the Protection every League of Legends player needs!

The #1 Strongest VPN for Gamers

What is ISP throttling?

Bandwidth throttling (traffic-shaping) is the art of limiting internet speeds at certain times of day, or for specific websites, services, and data types (such as video).

Throttling most often affects high-bandwidth activities like video streaming, gaming, and file-sharing.

You’re looking for a VPN to tackle lag or ward off DDoS attacks in League of Legends. A free VPN might be appealing.

For the best battles, we always recommend a premium but low-cost VPN. Premium VPNs guarantee lightning-fast gaming speeds and excellent security. 

Finally, other key factors whether VPN service is safe does your VPN service offer

  1. No logs policy, 
  2. Kill switch, 
  3. Data encryption, 
  4. VPN protocol 
  5. DNS leak protection.
  6. No logs Policy

The provider must use the data they need for VPN connections and servers to work as intended.

Fun Fact.

Loius Vuitton design outfits for League of Legends.

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