VPN & Online Gaming

VPN & Online Gaming

Faster, Better, Safer Gaming

VPN improves lag times, ping times, keep all gamers safe

Faster, Safer, Better Gaming

  • Faster - ISPs slow players down to share internet capacity, bandwidth throttling.
  • Safer - No DDoS / DoS attacks. Mask your IP addresses. No Game Bans
  • Better - Owing to faster speed, lower lag, fast ping times, get better faster. Pro Level.

Why you need VPN for Gaming

VPN gamers learn faster, enjoy faster pings, low lag times, access to new release test versions, avoid bandwidth squeezing, get around game bans and stay safer.

  • Using VPN your game will be faster, safer
  • Stop ISPs and Phone companies deliberately slowing down network for game
  • Protect personal details & IP address from other gamers
  • Stop DDoS/ DoS (denial of service attacks)
  • Spend more an hour a day gaming? You need VPN


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